MSc in Human-centered Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence creates radically new conditions for both individuals and society at large. It brings completely new possibilities but also new challenges where existing ways of working, understanding, and communicating are fundamentally changed.

HCAI students

Making sense of these possibilities and challenges is crucial to ensuring that the development and implementation of AI can be shaped in ways that are sustainable and can contribute to solving rather than worsening global societal challenges.

A human outlook on AI

In the program, students learn to take a human-centered approach that brings the individual and social aspects of human-AI interactions into focus so that AI can be implemented responsibly. This involves considering individual, interactional, organizational, social, and ethical aspects of the use of a particular AI solution in a particular context whether that be a decision process at a government agency, diagnosis support at a hospital, film recommendations online, or grading of exams at school.

The MSc program in Human-centered Artificial Intelligence is a two year program offered by the University of Gothenburg.

Design and AI

The progress of recent years in AI and machine learning has resulted in that we, today, live with a large number of applications in our everyday lives. What does that mean for the services we use? And how can we design new such applications? Just as one needs to have a basic understanding of the strength of different materials to design buildings, we need an understanding of the material properties of the algorithms behind these applications.

HCAI students

The course is about learning about AI and machine learning as a design material, to be able to use these in design for new digital services. To do this, you will learn basic concepts and techniques in machine learning to be able to understand its material properties, and how they can be used in design. You will also learn various existing tools and how they can be used to apply machine learning in new services. After this, it is discussed how these material properties can be used in the development of new services, and various applications are critically examined. In the course, we discuss existing and new applications of machine learning, as well as ethical issues regarding the use of these techniques.

The course TIG330 Design and AI is a 15 credit BSc level course open for all applicants.